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About Us

What We DO

unDeniably Smart BAR specializes in Protein shakes that supplement all the right macro and micronutrients for a meal without compromising the texture and good taste of the drink. We offer different types of bases, proteins, and flavors so clients can custom-build their favorite smoothies. Shakes can be protein powder free and still get a good amount of protein. Nutritional Information about your shake will be provided along with a scheduled FREE Nutrition Consultation and inBody Scan so you can make the most out of your nutrition.

Who Are We

Image by Brenda Godinez

Deni Rodriguez


Nutrition Coach in charge of the operation and quality of the products. Personal Trainer with an MBA with an emphasis in Finance. Merging knowledge to create synergy between fitness and life. NPC Competitor specializes in Body Recompositions to bring clients a stronger and healthier self.

Jonathan Visconti


A certified personal trainer for 6+ years. In the fitness industry for close to a decade. Experienced in customer service, logistics, and sales. Has a passion for helping others attain their dreams and goals for a better and healthier lifestyle.

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